The Giant Starts to Wake…

And if life should come to just one question,
Do I hold this moment true?
No trace of sadness,
Always with gladness…
‘I DO…’

Once more, I woke up to another realization. You told me we are great when we are together, just us, separated from the world. But when people start getting involved in our lives, we start to fall, crumble, fail.

I woke up realizing now how true that is.

The question that has weigh most heavily in my mind ever since we started is "Is he the one?" The prayer I have asked God to grant all the time is to show me if it is really you who I should be with for the rest of my life.

I have changed a lot for you, that is true. But are all my sacrifices in the past enough to keep me with you if things get the messiest?

You are right, we should finally be brave enough  to face the real world and stop hiding in each other’s arms. Let’s brave the outside to see if we would survive.

You will lose me if you do not start loving me the way I  need to be loved. That’s not a threat. I know it as a fact.

But if you are, even as early as now, not willing to fight to keep me coz it’s not comfortable enough for you to change for me, I would take that as my direct sign from God to pack up and go and not look back.

My measure of a man’s love for me is in how much he gives up for me: pride, background, beliefs, his very being.

Ask yourself, will you have as much love and emotions as Robert Chien when he was wed to Lea? Will you be crying buckets of joyful tears because you are finally wed to the girl of your dreams?

Do you even love me as much?

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