Goodbye Restaurant City

It may be just one of the many games that boomed during the Facebook gaming craze, but for me, it means more than that.

It was one of the first games I actively played in FB even before the masses knew about Facebook.

It was what I did in the middle of work to clear my mind when things got too stressful. It was the game I taught him and which he played for a while, which is a feat since he hardly sticks to anything for long.

It was one of the games that helped me get by during the really dark days of my depression. It allowed me to blank my mind for hours on end. It gave me something to look forward to, even if it’s as trivial as the daily gifts or ingredients.

It serves as a marker of the time in my life where both my sister and I escaped from the world together and lived on our own couches – ate, slept, played, repeat cycle – for two years.

Goodbye, Restaurant City. I may have not needed your “aid” for the past year or so, but you will always be remembered lovingly.


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