Well, seems Sertraline is working. I’m just afraid to put it all out in the open for fear that if it’s just the placebo effect, it might leave me.

Why do I say it has? Well, for a couple of days now ever since I’ve started taking it, I’ve noticed:

  • Sharper cognition skills
  • I was able to work on my website which I have lost the will to work on ever since January and in a matter of two days, was able to set up something pretty snazzy
  • I was able to remember why I went to this page after landing on it. (Let me explain further: Under Thorazine, my attention span is just good for 4 seconds then my brain flits to the next thing my eyes see. I could hardly get anything done. At least now, I remembered that I wanted to blog about feeling good today.)
  • Oh yeah, and that: I’m feeling good today. Better than I have felt in weeks. After so long, I didn’t have to sleep for 14-16 hrs last night and yet I feel refreshed!

Right now, my hands are dying to do something, anything. I might work on my website more or play, or hey, maybe even update my resume if heaven smiles down upon me more? Yep, my mood is definitely chipper!


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