My Thanks to You this 13th of June

Thank You, God, for the small yet big blessings you have given me today.

Thank You for making the strong rain stop when it was time to leave the house. Thank you for not making the roads I pass flooded.

Thank You for getting my ass up one hour earlier. I know I planned to get up at 10AM, but instead woke up at 12 noon, dilly-dallied, and finally left at 2PM earlier than my usual departure at 3.

Thank You for not making my eyes puffy after waking up even if I cried myself to sleep the whole night again.

Thank You for not making me sluggish, even if I was still unable to get my brain to concentrate as usual.

Thank You for not giving me any PMS. But best of all, thank You for not giving me my period today of all days.

Thank You for the meetings that started early, and for those that ended quickly – it gave me more time to work on my most important meeting of the day.

Thank You, that even if all that extra time I got wasn’t enough preparation time for my critical meeting, it allowed me to seemingly complete everything needed.

Thank You sooo much that even if I was expected to know everything in the meeting BUT I DIDN’T because I didn’t have enough time, all the directors and senior managers didn’t put me to the test. If they did, I would have burned.

Now, I face another challenge, and that’s finishing a report that I promised will be done last Friday. Give me the strength to actually start on it already so I would stop disappointing my boss and my friend.

I love you so much, Father. Thank You.

P.S.: Please say hi to Papa for me. I don’t know if he is still watching over me and Mama, but I would like to feel his presence from time to time. Please let him know how much I love him and tell him I can’t wait for the three of us to be together again. I try to tell him that everyday, but I’m not sure if he hears me. So, please, may You tell him that for me?



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