Every single day, I wake up and realize I am still alive and have to face another hated day that will also end just so another day like it would start again.

I will never understand why people thank God for ever additional day given to their lives. What I thank Him for is getting me through those additional days I was given.

Have you ever experienced dragging yourself through everything, hardly being excited about anything, losing passion for things which fueled your drive before, and simply letting the flow of life take you wherever it wants? Have you ever experienced it drag on for four straight years and counting? Can you even imagine living in that state for that length of time?

What’s all this for? So I can be “prepared” for more hardships when they come? What’s the sense in winning over hardships when all will end in the same way – death and nothingness. Fame? Be part of the anals of history? Change the world? What else are all these for when you can’t enjoy them anyway coz you’re dead. And even if you do get to enjoy them while you live, you know it’s temporary.

Why aim to have a family, raise kids, acquire more property? Your children won’t appreciate you and will not realize your real importance up until the day you die. Material belongings just lifts up your social stature – how important is that when you’re battling with cancer or needing a heart transplant? Why want a new job with bigger responsibilities? The only good thing about it are the bragging rights but you pay the heavy price of more sleepless and stress-filled days and nights.

Why even fight to have a better life. Everything is temporary except losing everything. There’s nothing worth fighting for in this world except the people you love who will eventually leave you. Then, you will be left with nothing else to fight for.


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