“I wonder what this day has in store for me?”

That’s the question I have been asking myself every time I step out of the gate on my way to work. It’s been the 4th straight day now that that thought crosses my mind. I think I’m forming a new habit.

The first day (technically the 3rd) when I realized I was asking myself that question was yesterday. My day was less stressful at work (not too many people hunting me down and screaming for my blood) but my officemates (with the day being equally slow for them) decided to hunt me down on the omniscient Internet.

They started trying to search for videos that may contain me since I used to appear on TV before. Next they found pretty much all my publicity accounts that I barely remember and found sheer entertainment in finding my About.Me page. Never you ask what was on there for them to seemingly hit a goldmine. I wasn’t quick enough to edit it. They took quick screenshots and saved it. Darnnit.

Today, ah, what a day.

Woke up at 12 noon and was really happy that I finally broke the new habit of waking at 2PM. I said “Yey! I would be at work early today! After I have lunch, I’ll just sleep until 1PM then I can do other stuff even before going to work. Maybe even call up the game shop again to check if they have Diablo III stock already.”

Turned out, I fell asleep after lunch then woke at 2:15PM. As a bonus, the rain was heavily pounding on the roof. “Crap. I have to go through this today. Hope it stop raining after I take a bath.” As my non-existent good luck would have it, by 3PM it hasn’t stopped raining yet, but has gotten stronger than ever.

Luckily, I didn’t have any scheduled meeting until 7PM so I contacted my teammates to say I’ll be coming in late. Half-dressed, I powered up my PC and put on the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Note to self: It’s hard to enjoy even a really great show when your stressed and your mind is at work. It’s not your fault you had to come in late. Sit back, learn to relax, and savor the show. That war scene was terrific!

Ok, so by 4PM then heavy rain downgraded to a drizzle. I hurried on out, just in case it decides to pour again. I took my normal 7-min walk to the subdivision gate and found that there wasn’t a tricycle in sight. I then walked to the next subdivision gate (yes, we have another external gate) to wait for a trike.

After a 4-minute wait time, I got a regular ride. Only empty seat was at the driver’s backside. Took it anyway even if there was a high chance of getting splashed by muddy rain water from the incoming vehicles. A hundred meters ahead, we reached a traffic jam that was starting to really grow. At first I thought it was caused by the road work being done up ahead, what with the torrential downpour earlier, it must have been muddy and hard to pass… but after 5mins not moving from our spot and my backside starting to numb from balancing on the slanted bike’s seat, I started to assume there must have been some sort of accident to cause the hold-up.

I tried to strain my ears and listen to what the people were talking about (that’s right, I’m too proud to ask out loud, “What’s going on?!” in fear of sounding usyoso). Apparently, the construction caused an obstruction to the sewers that the rain water had nowhere to run to, causing a flood waters to be thigh-high. The ironic thing here is that that construction was being done so it wouldn’t flood in that area anymore. Wew, talk about progress.

So there I sat numbed-butt-slanted… 10mins, 15, 30… until an hour and 15mins passed and we were actually able to cross the brown sea. I had to hock my work slacks up to my thighs and lift my feet up onto the bike’s seat (oh the shame of being seen that way) so that I don’t get drenched in muck.

After finally getting through the flood, we reached another stand-still. Why am I not surprised? Delivery trucks were trying to cut through the lines of the incoming traffic, blocking those coming from going. That took another 15mins to get out of.

In reality, the whole drive to get out of our main subdivision’s drive takes me only 10mins every day on a tricycle. Today, it took me an hour and a half.

I got into the normal stress of riding a jeepney after getting off the bike. Why do I get stressed? I have never gotten used to sitting down in a jeepney and wait for it to fill up. I keep looking outside for a cab to pass by so I can flag it down, but when one actually does, I second-think, triple-think (oh you get the idea) of calling it until it eventually passes me by. Today, I had 9 cabs pass me by while I was stuck in the jeep that was just waiting for passengers.

Reached the office at 6PM, two hours off from my normal work hours, after two hours of horrific travel.

Oh, I can’t wait to commute when the storms actually kick in.


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