Why is that whenever I'm bored out of my wits, I turn to the Internet for a source of a pick-me-upper and come up with zilch?... But when I start being all woman-on-a-mission a million other juicy things to do pop magically out of nowhere, derailing my already messed-up schedule? Why is it when I... Continue Reading →



One year has passed.... one year has passed yet my heart feels like it's being ripped out of my chest to see both their smiling faces in one picture! Her name attached to 'In a relationship with'! The thought of her being accepted now by his family and going on out-of-town vacations with them whereas... Continue Reading →

Gaga Over Bora Day 1

1:00 PM Woke up 2:00 PM Out of the house to do all the stuff for the day 2:20 PM Reached the bank, but ATM not working so looked for another branch 2:25 PM Found another branch with a working ATM. Withdrew money for Boracay and to pay the phone bill 3:10 PM Reached phone... Continue Reading →