Why is that whenever I’m bored out of my wits, I turn to the Internet for a source of a pick-me-upper and come up with zilch?… But when I start being all woman-on-a-mission a million other juicy things to do pop magically out of nowhere, derailing my already messed-up schedule?

Why is it when I tell myself I’ll be sleeping early today, my body finds more reasons to stay up?… But when I say I’ll be staying up until my body gives, and I start feeling sleepy at the time “normal people” should be sleeping?

Why is it harder to keep a straight face when you promise not to laugh?

Why does it feel so good to eat that last slice?

Why does beating the deadline give such a rush?

Why is it so easy to do exactly the opposite of what I’m expected to do?

Why do I commit this fault when I have been on the receiving end of such pain?


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