Are you there?

I ask him that question everyday. "Are you really there watching over me and Mama? Can you see me? Do you know how much I love you?" Maybe today, I have found the answer. I believe now, today, that Papa is trying to contact me. Ever since when, I don't know. When I started dreaming... Continue Reading →


Recipe for Antipathy

Pluck the one that suits your needs Melt her heart then kneed to perfection Add a drop of care only when she Starts hardening to keep her like putty Don't forget to stir in some confusion Mince words to make her beliefs seem like an illusion Mix in a pound of lies and a fistful... Continue Reading →

Crazy Funny Lovely

I live vicariously through you I want everything that you do You make me feel like I can fly Oh reach out your hand to me Through your eyes I can see The beauty of the world as can be I never intended for this Oh take me where I wanna be Crazy, funny, lovely... Continue Reading →