Woke up with a feeling and a song in my head
We were laughing at our jokes like no one else
Mattered in the world

Woke up with a smile and a kiss on the lips
We were dreaming, we were loving like there was
No tomorrow

Woke up with a frown and lead weight on my chest
We had our first big fight then our hundredth
Pieces dying inside

Woke up from a nightmare with a song in my head
We were walking our separate paths in silence
Unfeeling, unfazed

NOTE: There’s this feeling clawing at me for the past two days which I can’t put a finger on but I so badly want to express it. Feels like a song wants to be sung, yet I do not hear it nor do I know it. So this (and the next two others), is the best way I thought of expressing it. (But maybe better if I can find a musical arranger. :P)


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  • An attempt to remember.

  • The author and editor would like to thank the visitors of this site for dropping by and taking time to go through the articles.

    These are simply but ramblings of one woman struggling to retain as much youth in a fast-aging world. With her deteriorating senses and memory, this is her way holding on to as much as she can remember.

    The tone of the blog will most-likely change once she shifts to another phase in life. As of the moment, she claims to be at peace while in hibernation.

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