Woke up with a feeling and a song in my head
We were laughing at our jokes like no one else
Mattered in the world

Woke up with a smile and a kiss on the lips
We were dreaming, we were loving like there was
No tomorrow

Woke up with a frown and lead weight on my chest
We had our first big fight then our hundredth
Pieces dying inside

Woke up from a nightmare with a song in my head
We were walking our separate paths in silence
Unfeeling, unfazed

NOTE: There’s this feeling clawing at me for the past two days which I can’t put a finger on but I so badly want to express it. Feels like a song wants to be sung, yet I do not hear it nor do I know it. So this (and the next two others), is the best way I thought of expressing it. (But maybe better if I can find a musical arranger. :P)


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