What a Rush!

First time ever for me to feel completely elated, delighted, satisfied, etc. with my dungeon run. For the past weeks, my role has usually been the damager since I’m not yet comfortable in the skin of a tank — the role Anaheita, my dranei warrior, was meant to perform. By out-of-normal circumstances, I changed to tank mid-dungeon when our tank told me the level of the monsters was getting too hard for him to handle, so maybe we can switch roles (he also left shortly after and we had to redo the whole thing… I can’t explain how that works and why not just get a new member, coz I still don’t understand).

Ordinarily, I grudgingly change specs, fearing I’m going to fail the group in a matter of a few strikes of my sword on the mobs. This time, however, I somewhat excitedly said “Lemme change specs” then transformed.

I kept repeating the same dungeon just for that run (members kept leaving then the remaining people in the party re-queued) and I was starting to get sick and tired of it. Might as well get some excitement in the form of leading the pack in a two-level dungeon I have never finished before.

My hopes in completing the whole thing weren’t high at all, seeing the trend of today and yesterday (yeah, I’ve been hung up on completing it for two days now). I just told myself I’ll do what I could.

Since I was doing the whole thing feeling very little pressure on my responsibility, I surprised myself by doing the following (evidence that I’m starting to “grow up” as a WoW player):

  • checked the mana bars of the casters and always called for a mana break when needed
  • waited for party members to all be with me before I pull
  • always asked if everyone is ready before facing a boss
  • made sure I pull aggro away from the rest of the team and keep the baddies focused on me
  • told them to run to me in case anybody was being made a chew toy by a creep
  • led the party around the dungeon and — surprise, surprise — hardly got lost
  • commended the party members whenever something good happens
  • made sure the whole party feels like it was just play, not some serious run where we have to always be on guard of our actions
  • cracked jokes (which greatly lightened the mood for the whole party)

I set out for the dungeons at 6AM. Finished close to 9AM. Long. Tiring. Fun!

We did a little celebratory photo ops at the end, sitting by the throne, all five of us.

I’m guessing two of our members were somewhat newbies like me — a mage who didn’t know how to heal (they can heal too?!), and a druid (or is that hunter?) who didn’t know how to use the ‘Teleport out of dungeon’ to come back in. The two other possible veterans were simply quiet and blended in the background most of the time… until you see dozens of monsters dying by their hand and my life bar being replenished . Barring the fact that we were a mix of noobs and vets, everyone was in high spirits at the very end.

Wish I could have added them as friends, but alas, they are all from other realms. Let me just capture this fine moment — my best ever dungeon to date (even if I haven’t had much experience under my belt) — and immortalize it in my blog (or at least until the WordPress servers remain up and running).

PS: Oh, and yes, I was also top DPS by a mile.


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