Last Day With You – Dec 24, 1st day

Last night you gave me a supposedly seven-part Christmas gift. Not original, no expense involved, but at least you thought of doing something for me.

Part 1 – You made me coffee
Part 2 – You gave me a foot spa
Part 3 – You made my toes look really nice by removing the cuticle
Part 4 – You gave me a full-body massage
Part 5 – We made love
Part 6 – We made love
Part 7 – You were supposed to bathe me but Dadi was still up so better safe that we don’t get caught

You asked me if I’ll remember that Christmas gift that you gave me. In my mind, the answer was a big "No," (coz you have done that before already) but of course, so as not to hurt your feelings, I said "Of course! That was very sweet!" (Besides, I felt bad that I was laboring over in my mind what to give you then I would suddenly get a zero-expense gift that you did already before… Okay, I’m such an ingrate, but I simply know you’d pull all the stops not to buy a gift coz you know I’m expecting it.)

After everything, you greeted me Merry Christmas. The warning bell suddenly sounded coz why are you greeting me so early?! Aren’t you going to be with me, at least even on Christmas Eve knowing that you will be going to Cabanatuan on the morning of the 25th?? I asked you if you won’t be with me at least then, and your answer was nothing to be happy about.

Jon: "Mass is at 8pm. Family activity will begin then."
Me: "How about after all the activity? Can’t you at least come home to me then leave early in the morning?"
Jon: <short version: "I don’t think so.">

Even if I can’t believe it was okay with you not being with me on such an important event (because our last Christmas was hell and I want proof I could hold that everything is the total opposite of what we experienced last year), I kept my mouth shut and no longer voiced my hurt.

You took me home the morning of Dec 24, slept on the couch from around 1PM to 6PM, then I woke you up. You joked about making me pack my bags so I can come with you (since everyone at home knows I’m going with you to Cabanatuan) but of course you were not serious. If you were serious, you would have given me a very hard time like all times that you really want something… even up to resulting to emotional blackmail.You finally left so you could catch mass with your family at 8PM.


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