Shattered Holes

Playing a dungeon game right now: Shattered Halls. Boooring dungeon instance coz players keep leaving and there aren’t good enough DPS, tanks and healers to replace them with. See? I can even blog while at it! It’s that sloooow.

A death knight who’s too full of himself just keeps sitting on a throne and saying “I’m master of all of you” and that sort of rubbish. I love ignoring those types of people.

A healer who keeps trying to DPS even if I already told him to just heal me as I tank.

A paladin and mage who can’t find their way back into the dungeon after dying.

A tank with not enough damage that aggro keeps getting pulled from her. (Oh, that would be me.)


It took us two full hours to get to 1/3 of the dungeon and not even finish it! >_< What a waste of time.


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