Oh my, I’ve been away for so long…

Amazing how I could write about the littlest, most trivial, and boring things I do… but with all the  things that happened to my life the past six months, I couldn’t even bring myself to think to blog about them.

Oh, you say the past things in here aren’t too bland? Blah. How naive I was to think that things couldn’t get worse.

I repeatedly prayed that my life would have purpose. Let’s just say I got what I asked for… for such a huge price.

Crazy how, now, I would trade anything in the world to go back to 2010 – back when I was so empty, floating, lacking in purpose, and had nobody but my family and a handful of friends to keep me sane.

You don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it.

…I want to come back.


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