Pass or Fail?

I'm loving my work... but I'm afraid that if I love it too much, a day might come that I would realize that it isn't loving me back. (Is this my perpetual battle with commitment?)   I love my boss. Up 'til now, she has proven to be a great mentor and I am really... Continue Reading →


Mental Fortitude 101

Boss Peach kept telling us, "Know your numbers."   That line has been ringing in my ear for six days now.   I'm happy of being assured of a job. It's exhillirating to be back in action after quite a few weeks of petiks time. But now, I need to know my stuff. ALL my... Continue Reading →


We were all asked to take a computerized verbal exam to gauge our English capabilities. This was done yesterday (my time, in the day that never ends, so stop trying to compute what day that was).   It was fun. I had to be locked up in a room where there was only the Avaya phone,... Continue Reading →