Gaga Over Bora Day 1

1:00 PM Woke up

2:00 PM Out of the house to do all the stuff for the day

2:20 PM Reached the bank, but ATM not working so looked for another branch

2:25 PM Found another branch with a working ATM. Withdrew money for Boracay and to pay the phone bill

3:10 PM Reached phone provider’s business office. Fumbled a bit with the machine where I had to drop the cash in. Also worried that it might not reach in time for the cut off.

3:30 PM Got to Western Union to get the cash Ninong and Ninang sent to Mama and Papa

4:30 PM Arrived at the doctor’s clinic. Weird place. No signage. Just looks like a house. Walked around the receiving room looking at the funny magazines and books on the rack.

4:40 PM Doc Ran D. greeted me so cheerily as he opened the door and waved me to enter his “inner sanctum.” Told me to choose which couch I liked. Felt like I was being welcomed into a talk show.

6:00 PM With prescription in one hand and a fistful of tissue in the other, I left his place after talking to his assistant to put me on the list for consecutive weekly sessions this January.

6:15 PM Went to Butler’s place and left the money from the bank and WU with the maid for safekeeping

6:30 PM Got to the mall and started shopping for stuff to bring to Boracay.

9:45 PM Got into a fight with Butler. Was so mad I almost called the whole thing off.

11:00 PM Reached the house and went online in WoW then slept @ around 3:00 AM.


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