Are you there?

I ask him that question everyday. "Are you really there watching over me and Mama? Can you see me? Do you know how much I love you?" Maybe today, I have found the answer. I believe now, today, that Papa is trying to contact me. Ever since when, I don't know. When I started dreaming... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Restaurant City

It may be just one of the many games that boomed during the Facebook gaming craze, but for me, it means more than that. It was one of the first games I actively played in FB even before the masses knew about Facebook. It was what I did in the middle of work to clear... Continue Reading →


Earlier today, I was having lunch with my eyes still half-open even after eight hours of sleep. As I ate at the table, Mama spoke from the couch, seemingly trying to remember something. "Nung birthday ng kapatid mo, nag punta ba sya dito?" That was just three days ago when Mommy and sis came by with... Continue Reading →