Tiredness and body pains turned to a full blown sickness. 😦

After coming homing with a bad case of diarrhea, the pain in my tummy and back was worsened by my monthly period which came the next day. Because of that, I got confined to my bed ever since yesterday, but my body wasn’t contented with just that torment. I developed a flu — yes, all my joints and muscles hurt right now and fever hasn’t left me yet. While lying down and unable to sleep, all I could think of was “I haven’t blogged about my Bora adventures yet… my stories are getting stale. Haven’t gone online on WoW yet. Have a missed a day on my FB games?”

I just had to get up for a short while tonight coz my back was hurting from all that lying down. However, I’m unable to stand the cold of downstairs. Gotta curl back inside my thick blankets.


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