Tiredness and body pains turned to a full blown sickness. 😦

After coming homing with a bad case of diarrhea, the pain in my tummy and back was worsened by my monthly period which came the next day. Because of that, I got confined to my bed ever since yesterday, but my body wasn’t contented with just that torment. I developed a flu — yes, all my joints and muscles hurt right now and fever hasn’t left me yet. While lying down and unable to sleep, all I could think of was “I haven’t blogged about my Bora adventures yet… my stories are getting stale. Haven’t gone online on WoW yet. Have a missed a day on my FB games?”

I just had to get up for a short while tonight coz my back was hurting from all that lying down. However, I’m unable to stand the cold of downstairs. Gotta curl back inside my thick blankets.


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  • An attempt to remember.

  • The author and editor would like to thank the visitors of this site for dropping by and taking time to go through the articles.

    These are simply but ramblings of one woman struggling to retain as much youth in a fast-aging world. With her deteriorating senses and memory, this is her way holding on to as much as she can remember.

    The tone of the blog will most-likely change once she shifts to another phase in life. As of the moment, she claims to be at peace while in hibernation.

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