Into the Depths of the Dungjohns Pt 2

I feared for my life, having to go at it alone while not knowing anybody in the group yet having to lead them. But no guts, no good items… so I clicked the Dungeon Finder, Find Group, then closed my eyes.

Upon opening them, I saw myself in somewhat a different place… seemed nastier, meaner, and enough to trigger claustrophobia. Seems like I dropped inside an ancient prison cell but I didn’t wish to move, lest I fell out into the world again. Nah, I must be having the heebie-jeebies coz I’m alone and all the elements of the place must be coming into focus now due to my more alert senses, I though.

I looked around. Why does it look different? Maybe it’s just my eyes. Maybe it’s the time of the day. Maybe it’s the weather in the game. What time and weather are you talking about?! You’re inside a dungeon!

And damn right, I was in a different dungeon! But the reality of it only sank in when I realized I was traversing through tight corners, steep stairs, and killing phantom-ish creatures I didn’t encounter the first time.

What place is this?! Well, whatever it is, it will soon end. All I have to do is lead my party to the boss which will mark the end of this whole thing.

But it didn’t end as soon as I expected. I led my party — more successfully now that they have been following my lead and not rushing before me — and met the boss. Just like my first dungeon experience, it took longer to kill than the minions but eventually fell. After it dropped, and we got some nice stuff, I was expecting the party to disband… but they started running into a different room!

Waiting there for us were more creatures, which each room we run into having nastier and uglier baddies. And we faced off with more bosses. Yeah, not just one more, not just two more… but five more bosses! (I made a mental note to check how many bosses the first dungeon had after we’re done.)

It felt like forever coz I wasn’t able to ready myself for that place. But when it finally ended, I breathed a sense of relief and accomplishment. It felt wonderful to successfully finish the whole thing without being called a dufus and getting kicked out.

All in all, the whole experience was terrific! Can’t wait to get back there again! 😀

PS: Another of my firsts in that game was to see someone get kicked out of a party. But no, it wasn’t me, thank God. (However, I think if I didn’t enroll in the WoW school of Macky, it would have been me.) The guy was a douche, as my partymates called him, to keep rolling ‘Need’ for every rare item that appears… so everyone voted to kick and find a new guy.

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