Into the Depths of the Dungjohns Pt 1

Uh-oh. I’m neglecting my blogging. Is that a good sign that I don’t have anything to complain about as of late? Well good, if that’s the case. I’ve been dividing my time for the past couple of days on my Facebook gaming and World of Warcraft. Approx 3-4hrs FB, then all the rest of my remaining waking hours to WoW. Such a hectic sched. I should get a raise for this.

Ok, here’s the uber serious stuff I’ve been up to…

The boys have been creaming my ass in Warstorm since they started to actively trade cards amongst themselves and other Warstorm gamers. I’m staying out of it (for now) since I still feel a sense of achievement for having to beat many players owning Fabled cards just by using my Blues and Greens. (Now once that feeling leaves me and all is left is frustration from losing, maybe that’s when I’ll try to catch up…)

In World of Warcraft, I’ve been happily playing Anaheita, my war goddess. She’s now level 18 — yes, still a mere whelp in the eyes of a WoW veteran — but she’s my baby and that’s that! 🙂 She got some better items on her, thanks to the smithing prowess of Macky. Right now, she looks like a mean raptor in her suit of arms, yet she still looks damn pretty.

I tried my first dungeon last night. And my second. The first was with much assistance from Macky, yet was not devoid of multiple boo-boo’s. He taught me pretty much everything: dungeon etiquette — how to roll on good items; how to lead the group (since I stubbornly chose to make a tank even if it’s my first real character in WoW and I still had to learn a lot of technicalities of the game) — kill order, pacing, pulling monsters; how to fight — skill combos, taunting, grabbing aggro; and of course, the most basic which is how to join a dungeon! 😀

Ok, having said that the tank — me — should lead the party (and in Macky’s analogy: if the party is a country, the tank is the President, and much of the blame will be put on him/her if the group fails), I literally cowered in fright the first time I dropped into the dungeon! I took a few steps back and fell out the door and back into the real world!

I went “OMG! Where am I?! Is this the dungeon?! Have I been kicked out?! Did the party have a way to know they were about to be led by a dunce that they decided they don’t want me with them?! Why am I back in town?!?!” With fast fingers and thinking, Macky was able to msg me how to get back and I was able to find the small little eye icon on the mini map to jump back into the dungeon.

Back in there, I saw him calling out to the group to wait for the tank. I thought “Why is he telling them to wait for the tank? I’m not the only tank, right? There’s a big guy taking the lead. He must be a tank too.” I didn’t know how wrong I was until later.

All eyes on me, waiting for me to charge make the first cut, I once more hesitated. Too many thoughts running through my head. “This is no longer the classroom! You have been taught what to do! Put theory to practice, damnit! You can do this!” They became impatient and went ahead and attacked. “What kind of leader are you?! Get your command back, quick!” RAAWWRRRR!!! I plunged ahead and hoped and prayed not to get humiliated further by dying too quick, or making the ultimate mistake of pulling more monsters than I can handle.

After many wrong rolls and slashing monsters while facing the wrong direction thus basically swinging at air, the dungeon instance ended. Despite the many fails, it was a notable experience in itself.

When the whole thing ended, I asked Macky why he was calling out to them to wait for the tank when there was a macho man who was taking the lead too. Poor guy had to explain to a n00b such as me that in that most basic of dungeons, there can only be one tank in the party… and it was me. That macho man “wasn’t too macho at all [since] he gets damaged hard.” So basically, whoever that dude was was running off ahead of me to meet his maker and would have turned into a floating cherub if I didn’t take the aggro from him on time.

I wish I was able to take some screen shots for this post, but I was too tense during the whole event to even remember to scratch my butt.

I was quite happy with the stuff I got too. So so happy that I wanted another round of dungeon. 😀 And I did! But this time, with no more help from Macky. His level was a bit too high for the dungeon easy (right) for me to take on.

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