The Adventures Begin!

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Today saw the hours fly by in the blink of an eye and at the same time drag on for a lifetime. It was very taxing on the patience, yet promised good rewards. It was a day filled with World of Warcraft, and I didn’t suspect that my questing would start even before I got in the game…

After waking:

My day started out the way it always does. I open my eyes. I spasm. I tell myself to cut it out. I grab my phone to check for a text from Butler to wake my senses.

I take comfort in that fact that I know his regular good morning text is always there… so if I don’t find any, I know there’s something utterly wrong. Good thing that happened only around once or twice ever since we started seeing each other again and all occasions had a valid reason. I like routine that way.

However, this morning, there was a different text message I was anticipating: the reply of Macky to my worried text last night if it was he who gifted the World of Warcraft. My anxieties were immediately put to rest when I saw his reply. It was him! I wasn’t getting hacked! 😛

And he said it was my late birthday gift! Whoopee! I love presents! I love Warcraft! I love WoW! I felt like a kid waking up on Christmas day. 😀 I had to postpone my happy dance last night, not knowing if it was a hoax or not. After I knew it wasn’t, I jumped out of bed with a big smile on my face and did a stupid jiggle. Serious.

But mid booty-shakin’, my ol’ do-unto-others self simultaneously whacked me in the head and kicked my brain into gear. A fresh wave of anxiety washed over me. “OMG! I need to get him something too! I didn’t get him anything for his bday! I even forgot! What kind of friend I am?! Damn, I feel guilty again!” I almost grabbed my phone to text him and ask if he was sure… maybe I can pay for it. Instead, I checked the message again to make sure I read it right. ‘Gift’ was the word he used. I had to remind myself that “People, when they give gifts, like to know you enjoyed it… not you got stressed about it, so calm down!” I took a deep breath.

I did a mini jiggle.

All’s good.

My smile faded slightly when I remembered I had another issue to face before I can truly enjoy my post-birthday gift: call up Blizzard support and ask for help with my account. I’m unable to login, getting a message “Too many attempts” even if I tried just once. Ah well, that’s a puny little problem. It’s just a matter of time before I can get my account up and running again. What’s important is… I HAVE WORLD OF WARCRAFT ALREADY AFTER SIX YEARS OF HOPING I DID!!! 😀


I called Blizzard support and the Singaporean guy, though quite difficult to understand at times, was very helpful even if he didn’t support WoW — which I only got to understand much later in the call. He was unable to help with the problem but he gave me good leads.

Macky and I worked on the login in online. After too much ado, I didn’t get closer to entering the pearly gates of the site to register the CD key Macky gave me so we decided to let him try it on his end… and wa-lah! It worked like nothing was the matter. So with that, we knew the problem was with my PC/connection, and not with my account.

So after we got my WoW registered, I started to download the ginormous patches. Whoops. Let me back up a bit… BEFORE I started downloading the patches I cleared my HDD of space. The installer said I need approximately 5GB of space for the first batch of patches to download, so I thought of clearing around 15Gig just to be safe. However, I only had 300MB remaining in my 800GB HDD so you can imagine the pain of trying to figure out what to delete, after I have deleted so many times before — there was none I could.

I decided to transfer files temporarily into my Nokia N97‘s memory instead which was previously a very comfortable 30GB. After transferring files for around two hours and a half, the remaining space is now at 5GB.

Around 6PM, the patching commenced. Macky asked if the downloader’s appearance changed yet. I surmised it wouldn’t until the whole thing completes and it starts to download a second installment. I projected the whole downloading + patching process would be completed at around 5AM. Boy, had I known I was oh so wrong…

Later in the day:

I watched Prison Break as I downloaded the patch. Butler called a few minutes before 10PM. After four hours, download was at 40%.

We finished talking at 1:30AM. Download was at 48%. I must have gotten disconnected while I was away.

I restarted my connection. Returned to watching Prison Break. Played a bit of FB.

At 4:30AM, patch finally reach 100%. Yey!

It started installing.

An hour after (which means now, 5:30AM), the installer encountered two errors:

  • Cannot find file @#$%^&*! in drive *^#&%$%. Operation will abort.
  • Not enough space in Drive Schmuck. Operation will go up in flames.

I give up!


I hardly do. Wish I did… at least for tonight tho.

I checked the disk space: 10Gig remaining! WTF are you talking about “no space”?! I pressed ‘Ok’ to kill the window. Wrong! I should have taken note of the complete error msg. Darnit!!!

Ok, mea culpa… let’s just start this whole process again…

*re-started the Blizzard Updater*

*deleted 10GB worth of installers*

*crossed fingers it would work this time*

MUCH later in the day:

7:15AM. After 16 hours into a procedure which turned out to be my first WoW quest, I successfully installed all the patches I downloaded the whole night. The downloader changed to the one Macky was referring to… finally. It tells me it would be downloading 2.2GB more data. Ok, fine, I kinda knew that was coming. Will I finally throw in the towel for today and go to sleep first? I’ll think I should…

…but… but…

No but’s! Leave the PC on and sleep!


Good night…

TOO MUCH later in the day:

Fine, I lied. I can’t leave something unfinished. I had to see it ’til the very end… and reap the fruits after. 😀

10:12AM by now. You guessed it! I finally got to enter my own WoW account and play! Whoopeeee!! Goodbye private servers with buggy/lacking quests and frequent downtimes! The official rocks! 😀

And here’s a little sneaky peaky. Presenting, my new baby, Anaheita – the war goddess.

Promise… now, I’ll really sleep. 😛


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