All is my night

Tired. Sleepy. Weary… But my body is pushing me to stay up. What the hell??

Experienced a whole plethora of emotions… all in one night.

At peace… Stayed on the phone with Butler as we both read our respective novels in silence. No fights, no arguments.

Gleeful… Made some more people happy by being lucky enough give them rare cards in Warstorm.

Excited… Checked my email and saw that I allegedly have my own World of Warcraft, but then I still have to verify validity coz I’m unable to log in to my Battle.net account.

Stressed… Now very anxious about my account because I still have to contact Blizzard support to complete the Account Recovery process.

Sad… Tried to distract myself by watching Prison Break but now I’m more stressed with the death (?) of Brad Belleck.

I don’t wanna sleep yet, but I should go up now. Tired. Sleepy. Weary.


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