A Billionaire, Just the Way You Are

Talk about synchronicity. Last Tuesday, a girl in my FB network was just talking about some singer named Bruno Mars who she couldn’t stop listening to. She called it an addiction. Apparently, his music cured her addiction for some other artist whose name I already forgot. For me, all I thought was “Bruno Mars… what a weird name… catchy, but weird.”

Then I watched Glee last Wednesday with Butler and we both commented on how good they performed the song Just the Way You Are. The original has such a haunting quality to it that the Glee cast were able to capture.

Then today, Macky and I were talking about that same Glee episode and he mentioned it was by Bruno Mars. Everything clicked in. I immediately searched for the song and played the official MTV.

So I went, “Why does he look Filipino?” So I went searching for some wiki on him. And I wasn’t wrong. He’s half Filipino, half Puerto Rican as stated here.

W00t! Bruno Mars is yet another Filipino making it big in the Hollywood scene! Cool! Just found out that Billionaire is his song too. I’ve been playing that song on loop for many days after Glee Episode 1 of Season 2 was shown. For the video, here it is:

I read a comment somewhere that Bruno Mars “tell women the right words they want to hear.” I’m not so sure about that, but he sure can sing it out real well. Good luck to you in your career!

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