Blogging deLimited

Overwhelming myself too much with too many created accounts in different blogs, website servers, micro blogs, and traffic tracking devices. Too much too soon. I’ll burn myself out again and will stop all this blogging fanaticism if I don’t control myself. This is a good outlet for me. I don’t want to alienate my only means to express without fear of being contradicted and criticized and questioned.

I need to concentrate.

WordPress is my main… but I got accepted into Infolinks in Blogger which would generate me some cash… but I have to keep traffic flowing into my uCoz or else they will shut my sites down again… and Wibiya could only work with my Blogger and uCoz… while Posterous can multi-post to many of my accounts but with bad formatting so I still have to manually edit in each site.

I’m scratching out PixelPipe for now since they stopped supporting Posterous. And no way would I be using Nokia Ovi Share after my terrible experience just a few hours ago when I tried to “share” from Starbucks — composed a description of a photo THREE TIMES before it successfully uploaded, and after it uploaded none of what I typed were included… oh, and even if you rotate a picture before uploading it, it would stubbornly upload the raw, unedited one. Only Meebo and AddIt are the services that aren’t giving me too much problems since they can work on all my platforms. Damn!

The most ideal platform is, hands-down, But of course I don’t have the budget to self-host a website so all I can do is pray that would open its doors to plugin installation too. I could live with the limitations of customizing the preset themes in, but I sure wish I could install AdSense, Infolinks, Wibiya, and Feedjit here. 😦


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