3:40PM I like today. I feels peaceful. The sky is overcast, cool wind from the garden is being suctioned in by the fan and blasted straight at me, and I don’t have to stress myself out about running out of the house too early coz I cancelled (yet again) HP7 with Nix.

What am I craving for right now in this wonderful weather? Ah… work on my websites. Wix turned out just fine and dandy last night so I was able to make two sites for two projects of my mom. (And yeah, coz of that I wasn’t able to play any game as I planned to yesterday.) I also need to put some work on my two other sites on uCoz, but that needs like 10x more patience. Talk about manual labor without a “flashy” end product. (That’s right folks, uCoz doesn’t support Flash nor Java. *sigh* I stick to it coz it’s VERY customizable and flexible that I can turn my site into a forum, a blog, a gallery, or mix and match everything. Very no-nonsense though.)

7:37PM Hoookey… Mommy send me a ton of new images and info for the sites so it took me pretty much the four hours to incorporate all of them. Why the hell did it take that long? Oh yeah… obsessive me. Well there, that’s done. Again. Wasn’t able to touch my uCoz, but did a pretty good job on Wix. Yeah! Praise me-self!

Now getting ready to leave. Papa’s home so I can use the jeep now. Will meet Butler and watch Glee then have coffee. Night out with the girls didn’t push through. 😦


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