Day 5 of Thirty

My head has been hurting for the third day now. I’m averse to taking medicine but I have taken my third Biogesic already. Woke up this morning to a pain stemming from my nape going straight out underneath my right eye… like a hunter impaled me with his spear. I tried to push the imaginary spear’s tip in by pressing hard near my right maxilla. The pain subsided after a while so I was able to go back to sleep. It came back two times more in the subsequent hours so I did same thing to ease it.

Now that I’m up, having coffee mixed with cinnamon powder. Nix liked it yesterday when I had him try it. So did he like the lengua and pasta and baby potatoes and the vinaigrette, but the best compliment he could give was “Medyo maayos ung lasa.” (“It’s somewhat okay.”) The schmuck! Haha! Good thing I only have to put up with him in the few occasions he comes by my place in a year.

Ok, let’s go to the stuff I have to do for today. Once more, I will try not to do too much FB. Instead I’ll play my other unfinished games… and I have a LOT.

I’m sooo glad I was able to finish Warcraft III, W3: TFT, and Starcraft 2. Or else that would be weighing on my conscience too. To think I almost bought Assassin’s Creed just the other day since the price was so tempting. Just a thousand bucks for a nicely-rated, and original, game! 😀 (Add to that Macky’s words ringing in my ears “What a waste my over-powered comptuer is gonna be if I’m just waste it on FB games,”  or something to that effect.) For a video review of Assassin’s Creed:

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