Same Ol’ Shiz

Now that the countdown is over and my birthday has passed, am I any different? Maybe not, but at least I was able to prove to myself that I’m not entirely incapable to doing anything. I was, in fact, able to start and finish the task I set out to do which was chronicle everything I did in my ‘Thirty to Thirty.’ Even if it somewhat backfired on me (showing me that I’m doing less than more) at least I know I still have the capacity to hold on to something and see it to the very end.

So now, what next? Ask somebody to slap me hard on the face to wake me up? Use up all my savings in a casino or something so I would force myself to find a job? Blah… I don’t wanna think about it anymore. I’ve pressured myself to get off my proverbial ass for the past I-don’t-anymore-know-how-long and it has gotten me nowhere. Maybe trying to do nothing and telling myself I’m screwed for life would get me somewhere instead.


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