Day 3 of Thirty

8:00 PM. Body hurting from monthly. Watching the last season of Prison Break but feeling giddy. Paused it. I wanna do something but I don’t know what. Chair I’m sitting on is noisy and is not as comfortable as I hoped a cushiony office chair should be. Feel like going to the bathroom but I just did. Can’t stop my left leg from shaking. Will go to the bathroom for lack of a better thing to do.

12:11 AM. Pounding headache now. Chair is really getting to me. Nape and head pulsing. Took my blood pressure. 96/64. Low. Took a paracetamol. Will get better soon. I always do.

2:46AM. Headache not yet subsiding. Got a towel and pured some iced water on it. Applying it to my forehead and nape. Watching Kitchen Confidential, a hilarious series based on Anthony Bourdain‘s character and book, to distract me from the pain.

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