Thirty and Beyond: Fanfare

The evening of my 30th birthday was filled with a lot of laughs (thanks to the wine), a lot of food, and a lot of pictures of my gifts so I would be able to preserve them well in memory.

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1. I went to Butler’s clinic and there he handed me a bouquet of the rarest azure-colored roses which were simply so pretty.

2. Then he handed me another box and inside it was a super huggable bear that I didn’t want to leave alone the whole night.

3. Then Vaughn surprised me by coming out of his hiding spot and hugged me a happy birthday. He’s joining us for the evening.

4. Then we went to Alba’s, a Spanish restaurant and had three appetizers: fcalamares, chorizzo with button mushrooms, and Ceasar’s salad. Afterwards, had house paella and beef salpicao with the softest and tastiest tenderloin. Boosted out spirits with Don Quixote red wine… and promised to get another bottle since that was damn good wine. Dessert was canonigo, a fluffy caramelized dessert like brazo de mercedes.

5. We headed off to Starbucks at West Ave so I can get more stickers for my planner. On the road, I rode the hit of the wine to the hilt and said whatever came to mind. I haven’t let loose and gone all crazy for like forever so it was a nice change. By the time we all got down the van, our sides were aching from laughing.

6. While having coffee the buzz started to wear off and we all became very sleepy. We decided to call it a night and go home earlier than we’re used to. It was not even 12Am yet.

7. When I got home, I excitedly took out my phone and started taking pictures of my flowers and bear and me. Had to do so make retakes coz I look all tired and wasted in the photos.

8. Went online to reply to all my greetings on Facebook — a total of 175 Wall Post greetings, 15 emails, and a couple more uncounted stragglers including one from our Mayor — which took me until 5:30AM to finish replying to with a personalized thank you for each.


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