Day 30.4 to Thirty: Give In

1. Will go wherever this day takes me. Will do whatever I feel like doing. Will not force myself to be happy if I’m not. Will not dwell on sadness if I’m feeling lighthearted.

2. Just finished cooking some spicy marinated shrimps. The recipe didn’t say that I should put garlic, but I have this sinking feeling it needs some. Oh well, let’s see once we eat it.

3. Now making a list of stuff to buy at the grocery. Will be whipping up another meal for tomorrow: pasta, corn soup, and buttered potatoes.

4. 4:23PM. Just got back home from the supermarket. Got my ingredients for the pasta and potatoes I’ll be making tomorrow. Also got myself some new goodies: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Chili flakes!! Can’t wait to use them. Already had two cups of coffee today but since I wanna try out my new babies, I might have another one.

5. On my way home, in the jeepney, I passed by the town spa and saw a full body bleaching service using mud/sea salt whatevers costing a little less than a thousand bucks. Thought of going back there tonight or tomorrow morning. I haven’t tried anything like that ever and I feel like splurging on myself a bit. I can’t let this one time of the year when I really spend on myself pass without anything good. Also thinking of getting myself a 2TB 7200rpm Western Digital hard drive. Been checking the prices online and it would cost me around P4-5k. Not bad, when my largest drive now, a 500GB Seagate, cost the same a year and a half ago.

6. Whipped up some ramen for dinner. Nothing much, just added carrots, one egg and sesame oil to a boiling casserole of instant noodles. Mama and Ate Dolly loved it. I did, too. I was worried at first that it might taste bland. It was my first time to cook it and I still don’t know how much water to put.

7. Called up the spa and asked about their services. They said they had a whole-body peel (ouch). I’m sure that would be good for my skin, but I don’t plan to look like a leper for even just a couple of days while I wait for my “rejuvenated skin” to grow. Maybe I would get the full-body bleach. It would be an expensive experience, but hopefully worth it. I might go tomorrow after cooking and before meeting Butler.

8. Planning to have a good long hot bath later complete with apricot scrubs, scented body wash, and hair conditioner (yes, I don’t normally condition my hair nor use any other product apart from soap and shampoo). Maybe some hot choco afterwards too while I watch some vids.

9. I’m turning 30 in four hours. I am turning 30 years old in only four hours. Reality check. Goodbye twenties. I’m feeling the past ebb away. I want to hold on. I’m unable to.

I was eyeing the bottle of wine at the supermarket earlier. I should have bought it. I sure need it right now.

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