Day 30.1 to Thirty: Wasted

paquiao vs margarito results paquiao vs margarito

1. Came home around 2PM just in time for the Pacquiao-Margarito fight. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won the super welterweight title. This is the boxing icon’s eight world boxing championship titles in different categories — and a first in the history of boxing.

2. Got a surprise visit from Ate Conching, my old nanny. Funny thing is, Butler and I were just talking about her last night and not a month has past since I blogged about her and Ate Dolly. Now, Ate Dolly is working for us again, and Ate Conching came by to say hi. I wonder is Melanie — my very first nanny and one of the three nannies I mentioned in an older post — would make an appearance too. Hmm. I wish she would, but that would be one heck of a miracle. 🙂

3. Had an early dinner with the family. Couldn’t resist my Mama’s lengua even if I was so full from lunch with Butler. Had coffee too. Outcome: I became acidic as hell.. but hey, the food was worth it! 😀

4. Kept falling asleep in front of the PC from 5PM-8PM — causing me to miss out to entering a single post for Nov 14 coz now it’s 1:14AM of Nov 15. Butt kept numbing from my not-so-cushiony seat so it wasn’t a really restful nap. Butler called and that woke me up. We chatted for four hours (Wow, how can we still go at it when we are on the phone that long, if not together, every single day? Amazing!)

He told me to free my sched for my big day three days from now. Can’t stop wondering what he got up his sleeve, yet keep telling myself not to expect anything coz pretty much all my past three birthdays were a bust:

2007 – cancelled plans to take my girls to Bora. This should have been my first time, they were willing for me to take care of just the plane fares, I had the budget… but I was too busy. I spent my bday on conference calls and reports. Yey…

2008 – the unspeakable one didn’t even greet me the whole day and gave me the most boring celebration which I can’t even anymore remember (to think that’s my first bday that we’re spending together)

2009 – an better version of 2008 since he accompanied me to get my hair done (got a bob), had lunch at a good Meditteranian place, watched a movie (I think), and bought myself a nice blouse hoping we can go to a bar… which never happened coz he made it clear that he’s gonna be unhappy with it. Once more… a boring and freakishly normal date except for the parlor. God, I hate that man!! He &@#!$%^& ruined my 2010!! #$%!@^&*!!! (Oops, wrong post…)

5. After publishing this, will watch True Blood again and then get some real sleep.

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