Day 29 to Thirty: Ace in the Hole

1. Woke up at 4PM. Not again! Missed out on cooking the lengua with Mama. She was supposed to pass on her recipe of her ultimate dish to me today. Now I still don’t know how to cook it. 😦 This has to be cooked for Christmas again!

2. Decided to leave early evening to get Mama and Papa a gift(s) for their 56th anniversary tomorrow. Rushed to SM Annex and went to Ace Hardware to buy them an electric mosquito killer. Also got them a can opener while I was at it. Bought myself two adapters for my gadgets too.

3. Had an embarrassing yet funny time at the hardware. At first nobody was minding me. I asked like three different crew “Where’s the shelf of the electric mosquito killer?” All they did was point and say “Over there” but when I get to “there” I find nothing. There was one section which I bypassed though because I caught one crew guy and his girlfriend with her arms around his waist. Awkward. Finally, someby approached me and cheerfully asked “What are you looking for, Ma’am?” I told him. He led me to the bypassed section. Greeaat. No wonder I didn’t find it. He endorsed me to the PDA-ish crew and knowing I caught him in the act just a minute ago, he was all too jovial and helpful.

He showed me many models and sizes. As I tried and tested them out, other hardware crew started to converge around us. Like four or five of them. Curious much? I felt pressured to making a decision quickly coz I didn’t like being ogled at. I chose the second to the smallest one — a two-bulb, 12 watt insect fryer. They packed the thingie and had another guy escort me to the cashier. I wasn’t done with shopping yet so I asked him where the can openers were. He led me to another section.

There, I asked for a really good can opener but only found one type being sold. I knew I was gonna have to think there and decide whether I’m gonna buy it or not, but the guy was still cradling my new toy. I told him I’ll take it from there and he gave me the box. The other crew manning that section — three men who were just standing about talking about gawd know what — asked if I’d like to have a cart to put my stuff in so I don’t have to worry about lugging them around in the crook of my elbow. I wasn’t sure if I should say yes, coz it might be a hassle for me to push a cart around. I asked if they had a small cart. One said “Of course!” and grabbed a mini pushcart from off the shelves — one of the goods they were selling. We all laughed at the joke.

He went off to get me a real one. Nice of him. I should have done that myself. But when he got back, I recant what I thought. I was in the middle of saying thank you when I stuttered and my eyes widened. The cart was HUGE! One that is meant to push around big articles in… like a 50-foot Christmas tree or something. I didn’t want to make him feel bad for getting me the cart so I put my box (which was dwarfed by the size of the thing) and got one of the can openers fromt he shelf too, hoping in vain fill the space of the cart by a bit more.

I got out of the section and felt all eyes were on me. I hate that feeling like I’m stealing something, or my fly is open. I couldn’t take it anymore. I took out my stuff from the cart and tried to carry them, but another crew member approached me and “came to my rescue” and told me that it’s okay if I take the cart. He advised me to leave it in the wide open space and go to the other sections and find other stuff I need to buy while they look after it. (Why can’t they be busy and mind their own businesses now that I’m in such an embarrassing situation? Why oh why are they all so helpful now??)

I said “Uhhh, oookaay… So, where are the adaptors here?” Tada! I was standing right in front of them. All he did was reach out and get me one. He didn’t even have to move a step. “Oh! Uh, thanks! *embarrassed again* Uhm, I’m looking for the circular one…” He led me to another section. Good. A reason to leave the ugly cart behind for a while. He got me the type I was looking for and asked what I was going to use it for. “My speakers,” I said. “Ooooh, you like music too, just like me!” Uhm-hmm, lame dude! Did that ever work on anyone?! I gave a feeble laugh and changed the topic. “Where are the knives?!” Oops, I think I asked it quite too forcefully.  He led me back to the can opener section and to the trio that got me that cart.

“Knives? Sorry Ma’am, but all knives have been pulled out just quite recently.” Damn, there goes my plan to make sushi for my birthday. Oh well, some other time. I left for the cashier and took my stuff out of the cart waaaay before I got to the counter to pay.

4. Went to the nearby hotdog shop, Big City, and ordered myself an old favorite: Hotlinks with Iced Tea and a side of Onion Rings. Butler called that he was close and he could meet me if I wanted to. But of course, I did! So I told him to come over, then I texted my driver that he can leave already coz Butler will take care of bringing me home. I bought another order, something like a spicy cheesedog this time so he can taste one of my favorite snacks. When he arrived, he was in too much of a hurry however, that I had to ask the crew to pack the meal to go. Butler was parked illegally just outside the mall entrance.

5. We left and drove off to Starbucks so I can have more stickers added to my card that would get me my planner. This time, I had a hot Toffee Latte which proved to be yum! He had the same too, but ice-blended.

6. Got to my place at 11:24PM but he first took a nap in the car for around 45mins before driving off coz he was so sleepy. I played on his phone and blogged in the meantime.

7. Tummy bloated bad when I got home. My the milk in my coffee wasn’t soy. My digestive system developed an aversion to dairy over the past five years. I wonder why.

8. Went upstairs and greeted Mama and Papa a happy anniversary. Gave them the gifts and they were pretty happy. Papa was surprised I was home “early” (1AM early?). He thought I was coming home the next morning since he got used to me and Butler being out that late. I told him I didn’t leave to meet Butler but to get them gifts. I tried out the mosquito killer but it wasn’t attracting anything coz they have driven all the damn blood-suckers out with a mosquito coil earlier in the night.


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