Day 28 to Thirty: Living Dead

True Blood (season 2)
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1. Weird mix of productiveness and the usual nothing. Deleted a few hundred MB of files to clean my PC… but actually that was to make space for a few episodes of True Blood, Season 1.

Pausch talks about his experiences during the ...
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2. Watched the Pilot Episode of True Blood. Damn! That show’s got a lot of coitus and exposure in it! I didn’t know how much until the scenes came on the big screen while my speakers were blaring loudly. *grunt* *grunt* *moan* *moan* “You want this? Huh? You want me ramming into you, like this? You like being punished like this?…” My sister was just minding her own business in the couch next to me yet I felt so squirmy for even watching it while she was there. Couldn’t even pause it even if I felt like it. I didn’t like to look like I chickened out when she knows I’ll have to continue it sooner or later. LOL. (Oh, and did you know “vampire sex… can happen at the astonishing rhythm of 120 bpm” according to this article.)

3. Didn’t play much FB games today. I think I’m getting the hang of not playing too much. Just busied myself doing… uh, I don’t know what. (Damn! What else was I doing?!)

4. Called and set up an appointment. Dec 8 is the earliest date that I can be accommodated. Almost one month from now?! If I were a really serious case, I could have killed a couple of people between now and a month’s time! Thinking of checking with others…

5. In the middle of watching “The Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” of Dr. Randy Pausch. Taking notes as I listened to him… hoping it would push me into action (even if I have heard AND given pretty much the same speech many times already that “pep talks” have grown old on me). He’s pretty entertaining. May he rest in peace.


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