Day 27 to Thirty: Gleeful Day

1. No, I don’t have just three days remaining in my life. I have eight.

2. I started my day earlier today. Woke up at 1PM. Planned to call to set up an appointment, but forgot. >_<

3. Watched Glee and kept shrieking “OMG! OMG! OMG!” and “NO! NO! NOOOO!” with all the squirmy and/or provocative scenes. Loooove how Kurt is being given more story now. Two guys in one episode?! WOW! Makes me hope to see how things would turn out!

4. Luv luv luv ‘Teenage Dream!’

5. Now multitasking between watching a series called “If I Can Dream” about aspiring artists now streaming in Also, deciding if I should start a new series: True Blood. (I love vampires… the real and dangerous ones who visit your nightmares. I used to have fantasies about Dracula summoning me to his side while I slept and I fully submit myself to him because I have been robbed of all will.) I saw this Rolling Stones cover and article of theirs and it really piqued my interest. 😛

6. Moved on to downloading the Original Soundtrack Recordings of three famous musicals right now (thanks to Glee): Wicked, Spring Awakening, and Hair. Thinking of joining the Open Auditions for Hair on Nov. 22, but I need to have background in jazz dancing for that. Damn. I never got around to studying that. *sigh* Nah, I’ll just listen to the music and be happy with that.


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