My 5 Firsts Today

  1. Had my first Starbucks holiday coffee of the year. Was so excited seeing the new design of the planner this year that I made a mental note to start going to Starbucks when I go out, just so I can get it. Just 16 cups of coffee more (8 more holiday cups, and 8 more espresso shots. :D)
  2. Connected, went online, and blogged using a Starbucks WIFI connection (I didn’t have the first clue how to go about it that I went up to the counter and asked the barista for their WEP ID. She had to inform me that I still have to pay for their WIFI.)
  3. Since I was up there and didn’t want to look like a moocher, I said “Oh okay! How much?” “You have to buy the Globe Tattoo prepaid card to surf, Ma’am.” My gut cramped.”Damn, more expenses. Fine. No choice. I can’t walk away now. Grr. Another Altoids moment.” I handed over a hundred bucks. So there! I, grudgingly, got to buy and use my first pre-paid WIFI card.

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  4. After Butler arrived we wet to Greenhills so we can try Charlie’s burgers, which was growing in fame. We stepped up to the counter and asked for their best-seller. The lady suggested Charlie’s Black Angus Burger with fries, worth P180. Butler got another order without the fries. When our food arrived, Butler took a bite and his eyes widened. He had to make me bite into his burger even if I was still having my fries coz he had to make me taste it immediately. I bit, smelled the sweet aroma of freshly grilled angus, chewed, and stilled drooled at the same time. It was YUUUM!!! I loved it so much I told Butler we should get a franchise! In my opinion, the price beats Brother’s Burger (one of my favorite burger places) and Hot Shots. I prefer the patty here, but I prefer the fix-ins of Brother’s.
  5. Still up for more, we walked to the adjacent yogurt shop beside Charlie’s: Yoggle. They have this novel way of serving yogurt where the customer gets her/his preferred cup size, goes to the four yogurt dispensers with eight different flavors and mixes and matches the flavor s/he wants, goes to the counter and heaps on preferred toppings and syrups, then pays the cashier by the ounce (P20/ounce). We were quite taken aback by the fact that it didn’t taste like yogurt at all… more like a Frosty from Wendy’s. Still, we’re coming back here if we want ice cream. 🙂 (More about Yoggle in this review.)

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