Day 26 to Thirty: eRaced

1. Woke up to another death dream. I was in a race. I was part of a team of five, but we were racing in two’s. The team came to be very famous, but that’s in the future. In my dream, I’m part of their humble beginnings. I was a guy. My partner was a guy too. He got killed. More details later when I get home.

2. Finally some traction today! Woke up at 12 noon, Butler got to inquire about the help I need, and I was able to call them up to set an appointment. Problem only is that all slots for this week are full, but I’m still hoping somebody would cancel.

3. On my way to meet Butler. Instead of tomorrow, we’re meeting today since I most probably won’t have the driver tomorrow.

4. Back home. Met Butler at Starbucks, left to have dinner at Charlie’s Burgers, then walked to the adjacent shop to have a yogurt dessert. (More info on the date in another post.)

5. As I mentioned, I had another dream about somebody close to me dying. But these people in my dream, I knew none of them. It’s just in the dream, we were very close, just like family. I was part of that team that would make history during its early phases. I don’t know how it made history. I just knew that the dream seemed like a flashback of some past life of that team.

Anyway, back to the race that changed our lives. We were starting to become the team to beat. I think it was a drag racing competition. We have made it to the finals and it was up to me and my partner to win it and get the title of champions. However, we were up against a ruthless team who would do anything to win.

The race started. It was a long and stressful journey since we had to navigate tight back alleys and roads that was hard enough for a motor bike to speed up, much less the sedans we were driving. (I drove one car, my partner drove another. That was how the race was done. The team can only win if both make it to the finish line. Weird.)

The long and tiring part of the dream was the drive. But when it felt like it was taking forever, something happened. My partner, who was driving ahead of me by a car, turned a bend… and that defined the outcome of the race, and our lives. The opposing team was lying in wait and ambushed him.

They dragged him out of the car, and pointed a gun to his head…

The resounding gunshot echoed in my ears and chilled my blood. I knew my partner was in trouble. I tried to shake off the creeping certainty that he met an untimely demise. I needed to get to him, and fast. I knew if I did, they would be waiting for me, but I was unable to turn back. I needed to know what happened. I turned the bend and saw his car with the doors open. He wasn’t anywhere. I got down and walked slowly into a building that looked like a storage facility. A man came up behind me and I felt the cold nozzle of a gun against my head. Two others came out of hiding. “Try to win the race and you get a shotgun through your head just like him.”

I woke with my eyes wide open.

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