Day 24 to Thirty: Game Day, Sunday

McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich
Image via Wikipedia

1. Had McDonald’s Sausage & Egg McMuffin meal with hash browns and coffee for breakfast.

2. Got home and talked to Butler on the phone. Call was interrupted when he was summoned to the clinic… which wasn’t at all pleasing for him, with it being Sunday and all.

3. Went back online to check on FB stuff.

4. Macky called asking my plans, checking if I have been able to tell Butler about the tickets already and if we can come. Talked a lot about World of Warcraft after — changes in the new expansion, Cataclysm, this coming December, and about his raid last night where he and his party were able to reach and try to kill Arthas in one go. Told him I want to play Starcraft, but we decided to have lunch first. I’ll text him once I’m done eating and warming up with a couple of skirmishes.


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