Team Aiden

Was going through one of my FB friend’s ‘Liked’ pages and saw Sex and the City so I “liked” it too. Then I got to reading some of the quotes and thought, “Hey yeah, I really do like this page! Maybe I can contribute.” Then I went to the Discussion tab and saw a poll: “Team Big or Team Aiden?”

Feeling so strongly about this topic, I posted my reply…

AIDEN!! What more can you for ask in a man? Loved Carrie with all his heart, put up with her flaws, FORGAVE her indiscretion, and UNCONDITIONALLY loved her! However, the sad truth is, we always tend to go for the less attainable and less available — our inner desire to prove to ourselves that we can turn that person into somebody googly-eyed and crazy over us. Carrie was drawn to Big because he always made her wonder — wonder what he’s up to, wonder if he’s thinking about her, wonder if he felt the same way towards her.

…Thus, this makes me wonder about how true and long-lasting love really comes about. Is it born through the ideal means of nurturing and caring as a gardener waters and tends to his flowers? Or should the gardener drop the seed on the soil then forget about it… and if it grows, pluck the blossom and say “I planted this!”

Even if Aiden is not as compatible to her as Big is, at this point in my life, I’m no longer a staunch believer in compatibility. I would advice to choosing the ‘right’ man and not the just one who makes your heart flutter. And by ‘right,’ I mean the man who would love you whatever happens… whatever you may do… whatever you have done… come hell or high water.


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