Day 19 to Thirty: Breaking Point

1. Slept this morning around 6 or 7AM. Watched more Prison Break until the sun rose but stopped myself from reaching the ending too quickly. Wanted to savor the last two episodes of Season 3 when I’m all refreshed, my brain is working like a well-oiled machine so I can appreciate all the elements, and my sister is not trying to watch something on her laptop at the same time while I’m trying to concentrate on my shows. With the many changes in volume with the soft and loud… the bang to the whispered conversations to the booms… I need to keep my volume up high so I can enjoy everything.

2. Woke at 1PM excited to watch Prison Break. The moment I started to go on my PC, sister turned her shows on again in her laptop. Now stuck to blogging. I could (and really really want to) fight back but as Mama keeps begging me to be the bigger person, I’m keeping the peace. This is all piling up though.

3. Started watching Prison Break when sister stopped watching her shows. She resumed but I no longer stopped. Can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen. Unfortunately, it weren’t her shows that bugged me. Instead it was the constant interruptions of my Mama calling me, chat messages on FB that needed an immediate reply, and phone calls. Got to finish the two last episodes in 3.5 hours — 124mins more that it should have taken me. I made the wrong call to watch it during the day when activity is all in full swing. I should have known better. Now, I can’t even feel any strong emotions which I have been anticipating from the season finale. Can’t even say if it was good. The true mark of a good season ender is if it makes you want to hit something, cry a river, or move you in ways the other episodes didn’t. Now, I want to hit something for not being able to enjoy it.

4. 7:01PM. Leaving to finally meet Rej. It was an impromptu decision to meet. Either we do it today, or wait another moth… or year. Will have coffee at Starbucks and chat about his love and life problems, most probably. I’m tired of talking about my own so I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing more of the listening tonight. Might meet with Butler afterwards. Asked to meet near Butler place so I can get to him/he can get to me easy.

5. Got to the cafe at 8:20PM, left at 9:40, and got home at 10:05PM. Had a Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with Raspberry syrup — a drink personally designed for me by one of the barista‘s when Butler and I went to Starbucks for coffee. The barista who attended to me tonight scratched her head trying to figure out what drink I was referring to since it wasn’t on the menu. She got it right eventually, anyway. Chatted with Rej about his current love life problems, his not-yet-established career in Dentistry, and his business venture which involved setting up a dental clinic with a partner in one of the major hot spots of Quezon City.

6. Continued reading up on online MBA degrees and certifications while waiting for my Butler to call.

7. Talked with my Butler about my chat with Rej and shared with him some exciting entrepreneurial ideas that came up over coffee. I’m a bit baffled though that he’s surprised that I have somewhat a grasp of how the dental business works when we talk about it all the time anyway… or maybe I have conversations with myself, and I have mistaken him to know what I actually think about all this, when in fact it’s all just in my head and I have never shared them with him. Hmm…

8. Off to sleep in about an hour. Will be going to the bank tomorrow to make an initial deposit for the resort we’re booking at Boracay. We’re going with Jony’s Beach Resort. Finally got tired of searching for a good place to stay… and the other “final contending resort” no longer had the cheap rooms the Butler wants. Our doubts have been fairly put to rest by the testimonials of people who have been there. We checked and for the reviews.


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