Time and Time Again

Amazing how our concept of time changes with the different phases in life we are in. When I was a kid, I count time by the number of cartoons I sneak to watch in a Saturday morning while Mama is off to market, by the duration of time before my allergies leave me and I stop looking like a beet, or by the days I count to summer vacation to escape my classmates who torture and tease me.

Into high school my concept of time was dictated by the amount of projects and activities I involved myself in. By the number of rehearsals for a theater play, to the number of exams and quizzes per week, by the quarterly honor standings announced over the school, and by the medals and recognition I reap by April.

College… mid-terms exams failed, dates I went on, hours on the telephone, length of relationships, parties and events I attended, theater and TV productions joined.

While working… monthly board reviews, quarterly reports, yearly appraisals… cups of coffee drank, days stayed in the office for one shift, reports finished and coaching sessions completed… Christmas baskets taken home, number of bosses I’ve been through, length of stay in a position before I get promoted to the next.

In love… hours and days spent with each other, number of fights over one unresolved topic, birthdays and holidays celebrated together.

During nothing… months of blankness and void, number of blog posts about blankness and void.


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