Day 17 to Thirty: The Long and Winding Day

1. Body hurting bad. Lack sleep. Lack rest. Lack energy. And I think I’m coming down with something. I hope not. Tummy area, ribs, back, lungs, throat, joints hurting. Still haven’t gotten a real-night’s sleep ever since Friday evening, 6pM, when I woke up. It’s 4:45PM of Sunday now.

2. Updating blogs and trying to accomplish all that I have to do in my FB games. These games (even how few) are really eating up a lot of my time. Can’t wait to leave Sorority Life after the ‘Tokyo Event’ ends in two days. Hardly even playing Warstorm seriously. I’ll really just be left with Restaurant City and Mall World after. What I don’t understand is that how in the world can I spend hours and hours on this when I hardly – and I mean HARDLY – stay in one window for a long time. I multi-task between the games just to finish them as quickly as I could! I maximize the use of the loading screens and times by going to the next window to blog or play on the other open game. Argh! Where is all the time going?! I’m wasting my time here.

3. Getting stressed with my lack of accomplishment for the past 17 days. I’m doing this countdown posting to remind me of what I have to do before I’m done with my twenties. Hardly anything is happening!!!

4. Will try to rest this out, take some vitamins, and hopefully I don’t sleep for too long or else I would get more stressed that I wasted another day on sleep.

…Oh damn! I just realized! Today is my previously most-favorite holiday! 😦 Happy Halloween everyone!

5. 10:39PM. What?! I’m still up?! Feeling worse (of course). But I just decided to stay up until evening then sleep like a “normal” person and try once more to become a day-walker. Let’s see if I would be successful this nth time. So what did I do the past hours? Closed my browser so I wouldn’t play then watched Prison Break. Was able to get five episodes of Season 3 in. I’ll be texting my Butler in a bit so I can say goodnight already then take some meds and vitamins.

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