Day 14 to Thirty: We Shall Inherit the Earth

Blue Waters of Boracay, Philippines at dusk.
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1. Damn! Missed the day’s log! Wasn’t able to post for Oct 28! Been so busy searching for the best accommodations in Boracay. Was talking with Butler about the resorts I found when I realized it’s past 12AM already. Rushed to my PC to post this one line, all in vain. It’s already 21 minutes past midnight of Oct 29.

2. Been very busy ever since I woke at 2PM. Scouring the websites of Boracay resorts for the best packages and promos. Both my Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers were being utilized with forty tabs open all at the same time! Emailing all of the viable resorts asking for their latest offers. Mass mailing the resorts which I do not have specific questions for and putting all their email adds in the BCC so they wouldn’t think it rude of me doing the shotgun approach in finding the best deals. Out of the 84 beach-front choices, already weeded out and sent emails to 25 different hotels. Crazy how, before a simple 3-liner msg can be sent to one establishment, I first have to do the following:

  • Go through their whole website to make sure I’m not asking for info already there
  • Check that they are in Station 1 or close = find their site map and/or read the description of the place if no map available
  • Find photos of the rooms and make sure they don’t have two beds, a good view, and the bath isn’t simply an enlarged sink
  • Know package inclusions
  • Find out the Peak prices and dates (resort must not be on High Peak days during my stay or that will be a nightmare for the bank account)
  • Convert $ rates into PhP using a calculator to make sure it’s within budget (I’m unable to do mental calculations)
  • Compare Deluxe to Superior to Premier to Suite to etc and fond the “best” room in each hotel and not simply the cheapest which would turn out to be a hell hole if lived in for 6 straight days
  • Compare prices on the resort’s website vs. a travel booking website such as
  • List down all important info of the possible candidates as I encounter them (Hotel Name, Location, Room, Price, Contact Info, and Notes) into OneNote
  • Compose the email but not send it yet. I keep it open to make sure that I do not send the same msg to the same company more than once. Almost happened when I wanted to inquire with Astorias Boracay, then I saw Golden Crowne Regency which I wanted to inquire at too, but found out they were under the same company and use the same email.
  • Finally send the message once everything is in order

3. Tried organizing all the info I gathered today into two nice files: “Resorts I Inquired At” and “Resorts with Replies” then sort through there the final candidates from the trash. File just kept growing. Never finished updating. I kept finding a new resort’s website to open and peruse through and email.

4. I appreciate that Butler wants to give me the comforts that I expect, thus causing him to get stressed out about being on a budget — he’s torn between wanting to make me happy, and the reality that he has to save since he’s the employer, not the employee. It’s just tough when our ideas of what a vacation is differ; he believes in having “at least something,” while I believe that a vacation is only truly a vacation when you get to have the full experience. It’s just out of line for me to have my own wants in this occasion since I’m just the guest (and I say this knowing it as the bitter truth, and not as any snide comment).

Butler seems dead-set on one resort: Residencia — a resort I didn’t even consider since the budget room has two beds. Just a wee bit frustrating after all the work I put into finding a good place that doesn’t look like it’s meant to be shared by a group of friends on a budget, he sets his eyes on the one that I took out. Not his fault. We’re on a budget and a 6-day stay in Boracay on a December is no joke. I’m not completely sold on any of the resorts I have added to the list of ‘definitely maybes’ either. I measure a room’s viability by looking at its “best picture,” close my eyes, then imagine myself in that room for six days. If I don’t cringe… it must mean it’s out of our budget. If I don’t have to close my eyes but catch myself ooh- and aah-ing and drooling… it must mean that it costs a whole year’s savings to spring.

I’m willing to settle once I get tired of this whole search for that elusively cheap mecca in Bora. Either I shell out enough money to double our room budget right now so we can get a room that won’t stifle us for six days, or I book that flight to HK or Bangkok ASAP so I’m already done with my vacation before going to Bora. I haven’t gotten that plan out of my mind yet, anyway. I need to travel (a serious trip, not just some drive to Laguna or Bulacan) before I turn 30. (Which also reminds me… I’m very much set back on the other things I have to accomplish before I leave my twenties. Damn!)

5. Tired and spent for the day. Looking at my still-open browser tabs stresses me out. I’m not yet done but I’ll have to get back to this tomorrow. I’ll also have to remember to remember to do the other stuff on my ‘To 30’ checklist. Yet, in the past 14 days, this seems like only day that I made any valuable use of my time.


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