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Iq genialidad

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Was chatting with my friend who was telling me about the opening in his company. He apparently scored 99% in the IQ exam, and that, for the company, is all they look at (since most of the people working there are from my university). I doubted I could score any higher than 120 in an IQ exam now so I tried my luck at some free online tests to see if I can still hack it. (What better time to take an IQ test than when you are sleepy, tired, dazed, and lack concentration after a long day’s work and the sun has long risen in the sky, right?)

First test got me a score of 137. I closed the window feeling down. Apparently, Bill Clinton and I share the same IQ… and see where that got him. Took another test in a different website. This time, I’m just a bit more happy. It’s not yet close to my 155 during high school (when I haven’t been drinking as much coffee and smoking my brain dry), but this is what you get for not using your kukote for a long time:

3SmartCubes.com – IQ Test

I’ll go try out another website. First was 137, then 147… would I be smart enough to bag a 157? 😛

…but before that, I’m off to sleep coz it’s 7AM now. Good night… err, morning… world!

…and yes, my IQ may not be Einstein level (just Darwin or Kepler… riiiight), but it’s fun to think I’m smarter than the average bear. I don’t, however, believe in the accuracy of these exams since it doesn’t have any timer.

Now, want to do some real brain push-ups? Take this Mensa test with me and let’s compare scores!


… but I’ll have to sleep first coz now it’s… 7:19AM. Ok, really, good night now!


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