Day 13 to Thirty: The Wake

1. Stayed up all night last night so I can leave for the wake with the family early in the morning. Not being used to waking at 6AM, I just loaded on coffee and played Starcraft and watched some episodes of Prison Break Season 3 until the sun rose.

2. Sister started to prepare by 5AM. Took a bath for more than an hour. I followed after I had another cup of coffee for breakfast. It was then that I confirmed she used up one third of the bottle of the extra large shampoo that I bought that’s supposed to last for six months or more. Really trying my patience even if I already told her not to use shampoo as bath soap. Swallowed my fury for the sake of Mama who is mourning but couldn’t stop the mental image of me grabbing somebody by the hair and pounding the person’s face against a jagged rock again and again and again. When the anger was about to consume me and I was close to punching a wall through the bathroom’s ceiling, I immediately poured cold water over my hear and gritted my teeth to stop myself from inflicting any damage to property and myself. Cell Block Tango song from Chicago started playing in my head…

3. Whole family left the house at 8AM. We inched down our alleyway as Mama held on to me and sister as she walked. In the Jeep, I fell asleep on the way to Floresco, the funeral parlor and just woke when we got there.

4. We went up to the second floor where Lolo Manding was laid. He was in a beautiful white coffin with white anthriums and orchids all around. Only person there at that time was his son, and my godfather, Ninong Bobby. We was glad to see us. He helped Mama towards the coffin so she would see her brother. She slightly shook when she saw him, but she no longer cried. She said she did all the crying yesterday.

5. Ninong Bobby sat us down and talked with us but I tuned them all out since I was so sleepy. I just sat there, plugged in my earphones into my phone, played Macross Frontier songs, then in a few moments I was bobbing my head… not to the songs… but to sleep. I just kept waking up since the wooden benches of the funeraria weren’t comfy and I had to keep shifting my weight on my bony tushie.

6. We were waiting for Mommy and her boyfriend to arrive. They were taking really long and Mama and I were aching to go back home. When they finally got there, we just let them talk for a bit more. I continued to lean on Mama’s shoulder and nap. I think I only fully woke when Mama started feeding me cornicks. Afterwards, she gave me some chocolate and cheese cupcakes which sister brought her.

7. Finally, Mama could no longer stand the cold of the aircon and the hard benches so she stood up and said we’re going. We found Papa in the other room napping on a cushioned couch… and there were three more. Duh! Well, we still left and woke Papa to come home with us. Helped Mama go down the steps of the funeraria then up the Jeep. I fell asleep en route home.

8. When we got to the house, immediately texted my Butler to tell him I’m home so he can call me and we can talk plans for the day. He was supposed to have the Starex made in the morning but since he was “feeling sick and lazy” as he said, he hasn’t left yet. Told him I’ll be going to sleep and we’ll just talk again after I wake.

9. Woke at 8PM, talked to my Butler but he was about to watch Glee so told him to go watch first while I cook myself some late dinner. Made an egg sandwich out of folded egg, salt, pepper, basil and mayonnaise. Now downloading the latest Glee episode so I can watch it too.


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