Day 11 to Thirty: Sleeping with the Devil

1. Time to go back to the real world.



Oct. 26, 2010

2. Got home around 7AM. Logged in to my games in FB so I could catch the daily streaks before I lose them before it hits 9AM Mla. Fell asleep on the chair while trying to play.

3. Went upstairs to get some rest. Thought I’ll be up by lunchtime or early afternoon.

4. Woke up at 5PM with my tummy worse than Saturday or Sunday. Felt like I was going to have my period already but I checked the calendar but it was three days too early. “Damn period. Giving me hell days before it actually happens. Tsk.” Tried to go back to sleep.

5. Woke again at 7PM with a more intense pain. “Doesn’t seem like this is just pre-menstrual pain. My cycle must have come early this time. Weird, coz I’m always a day or two late from the 28th day. Oh well.” No wonder the combined constipation and diarrhea pains, lower back pain, and crying spells for two days.

6. Got up to get some food into my system before I take any meds. As I opened the fridge’s door, I buckled in pain. Wasn’t able to get anything decent, so I grabbed the closest edible thing in front of me: a halved cupcake. Munched on the thing and told myself I’ll have to deal with the acid from the sugar later. Important thing is I have something to line my stomach. Crawled to my bag to get a capsule of Celebrex and downed it with a sip of cold water which made me feel nauseous.

6. Hoisted myself on my computer chair and prepared for the incoming hell. The pain always intensifies after taking any kind of medicine. I was hoping that since I took it before the worst part which is when I almost black out, it wouldn’t hurt as much. I tried to distract myself my turning on the PC and opening my blog.

7. Not even 10 minutes after, I felt the rapid increase in pain, like my body trying to rip itself into two. I decided I can’t be caught in my worst on my chair. Better I go upstairs where Mama can take care of me. I turned the computer off.

8. Upstairs, as predicted, the pain even worsened and I could stay in one position for long. Everything hurt. Everything was not comfortable — from the slightest wind from the fan, the faintest noise from the TV, and the littlest lumps on my pillow. Mama rubbed Bengay on my tummy and on my lower back. It was soothing and the heat distracted me from the pain.

9. Butler called but I was indisposed. In my pain, I managed to text him one word: “Hug”

10. After about an hour, the pain gave way to exhaustion and that put me to sleep, but not for long. I woke after a few minutes and since I have been asleep pretty much the whole day, I was wide awake for a long time. Downloaded a game (Dance Fabulous) and drained my phone’s battery (which started out as full) playing it until 2:30AM.

11. Went downstairs to have a decent meal: two buns with cream cheese. Finally got bored of not being able to do anything but lie down so I texted the Butler (who was deep in sleep already) and told him I missed talking to him that night. Fell asleep after a few minutes.


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