Day 10 to Thirty: A Paradise to Call Our Own

1. Enjoying a wonderful day with my Butler. No work tomorrow so we’ll haunt the cafes and resto’s  of Makati and live as Bohemianly as we possibly can.


Oct. 25, 2010

2. Spent the morning watching The Big Bang Theory. I had one of the cupcakes we bought last night for breakfast. Went out to have a late lunch/early dinner at Rockwell.

3. Decided to go for our favorite Asian resto, Banana Leaf. Had one roti & curry sauce each, prawn fillet with sesame seeds, prawn in spicy sweet and spur sauce, and pad thai. Leftovers were packed so we can have them for a late dinner.

4. Took him to one of my favorite dessert places, Crepes and Creme. He loved the Cappuchoco ice cream crepe which I got for us. (Just got one coz we were still very full from  lunch.)

5. Was supposed to go watch a movie after but both of us became very sleepy (must be from all the oil in our food) that we decided to just go back to his place.

6. On our way back, my face and eyes grew hot like I was about to cry for no apparent reason so I asked if we can get a Vodka Mudslide when we get to the condo. He just told me to stay in while he gets me my drink.

7. I fell asleep as I  soon as I got in the room. I just woke to him knocking. He wasn’t able to get any alcohol since there is an alcohol ban in effect (Barangay Elections tomorrow, duh, how could we forget…) so he just got us bottles of soda. He got me a really hot cup of coffee, my first for the day, but I was too sleepy to enjoy it so just put it at my bedside table.

8. We both fell fast asleep and woke late in the evening, around 9:30PM. Got up feeling energized and popped in some other videos. Watched Star Trek and The Blind Side.

9. My Butler fell asleep again while watching. I had to wake him up though when I smelt something burning. The smell seemed to be coming from the air conditioner. After we switched to an electric fan, he went back to sleep. Told him I’ll wake him up once my movie is done so we can pack our stuff and leave. It may be earlier than the plan which was to spend Monday still with each other, but it was for the best… he could go home with no more worries of our parents wondering where we are, and I can go relieve my tummy in a “throne” recognized by my tushie.

10. Tummy has been bad ever since Saturday evening after coming from the birthday dinner. Bad case of constipation and lactose intolerance combined, again. Tried to do my business after watching the movie but I was unable to move anything after 35mins of trying. I just cleaned the bathroom of all my hair that fell on the tiles so we leave the place still looking spick n’ span.

11. Packed all bags, checked all belongings for anything we might be leaving behind, turned off all lights and water, tidied the place, and locked the door. Our stay may have been cut short by the busted aircon, yet it was a wonderful escape from the world we lived in everyday. For a while there, we were able to forget about all cares in the world and create a paradise all our own.


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