Day 9 to Thirty: Food for Thought

Barrels of balsamic vinegar
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1. Long weekend begins today! Weee! Woke up at 11AM so I can make the salad for Mama and Papa. Took me two hours to finish all the preparations! Like, what the heck?! I thought all I had to do was put together all the veggies together and make the vinaigrette. What took me a really long time was opening the cans… with a knife, washing each and every leaf from the head of lettuce and making sure I take out the yellowed portions, slicing then steaming the baby corn and shitake mushrooms and crab sticks, and defrosting the crab sticks.

2. After I was done at 1PM, I finally called Papa to eat. His and Mama’s reactions were the same: “Ang ganda! Nakakapanghinayang kainin!” Well, that made me feel good, of course. They dug in and I dressed their salad with my own mix of vinaigrette: extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, honey, and hot sauce. I was so glad both of them couldn’t stop eating. Even Mama who hardly eats loved it. They kept commenting on the crab, the crisp leaves, the juicy mushrooms, and the corn… pretty much everything. Haha. Papa even ate it together with bread… well, yeah, that might seem weird, but that’s how he likes eating food he likes.. together with bread. 😛

First time for me to make this salad — actually, any salad on my own. Also my very first recipe! Whee! (Damn! I should have taken a picture!)

8 heads of small sized shitake mushrooms

8 crab sticks

1 can of young corn

6 halves of peaches

1 head of lettuce

Slice corn, mushrooms, crab sticks and peaches into bite-size pieces. Steam all except the peaches. Layer lettuce leaves on plate. Top with the steamed veggies, crab and peaches. Dress with vinaigrette.

Makes 2-3 servings

(Sounds easy and quick to do… but, oh my… lol!)

I was able to pack a portion for Butler for when he picks me up. (Yeah, plans changed. He no longer went to clinic today. Decided to stay home and sleep and so he can pick me up later for the birthday dinner of his best friend at Duo in Serendra.)

3. Looking forward to having good food with good company later at Duo then maybe coffee at Bo’s and/or cupcakes at Sonja’s. Will end the day with a nightcap at Greenbelt and a marathon of Death Note.


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