Day 8 to Thirty: In the Rear, With the Gear

A group of Terran units attack a Protoss base.
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1. Baaad! Almost forgot to blog today! If a friend didn’t ask me where I keep my blog hosted, I don’t think I would have remembered until the day has ended. I wonder why. This is usually what I look forward to when I wake. 2. Woke up to another disturbing dream… what’s new? I knew I was talking to Butler yet I also knew I was talking to him. It was freakish. I was looking straight at him and I know I was seeing one person… yet i know it was him/Butler at the same time. Well anyway, we were talking animatedly to the point of flirting when my friend Macky came into the scene and in a scary voice said “Don’t give in to physical flirtation! You’re being stolen from!” I woke up in cold sweat.

2. Texted Macky. Chatted with him on YM first since he was online and so I could save up on load, but he asked to call. Haven’t talked to him in months. Our abrupt end in our daily chat was odd. I have a hunch that he felt bad at me for something, but I might be wrong. I asked him if he was mad at me, but he said he wasn’t, so I didn’t push. Guess I wasn’t much of a good friend to him that after all he has done for me during my miserable months, I didn’t even remember his birthday. He can get very idealistic and critical too that it feels hard to tell him the truth sometimes, so I guess that must be the reason why I didn’t hurry up and regain communication when I felt we started losing touch.

Asked for updates on my life. My suspicion of him calling was correct: he wanted to know if Butler and I are an item already and if his prophecy came true t

hat we would get back together. “Come on, tell me I’m right.” I reluctantly admitted that he was since I’m not used to telling people they actually are. >_<

3. We played Starcraft 2 multiplayer after he got home. I was rusty as hell! My Butler called mid-game so I asked to finish my game first. We got to talk around 11:30PM but he was still feeling bad about his day, but I suspect he was still in a foul mood since I didn’t get to talk to him when he was all pissed when he got home. I made up for it by letting him vent. That’s what we do for each other anyway. Of course, as expected, he was doubtful of Macky and his intentions. He became testy but I just bit my tongue since I have my days too. Just kept assuring him that there was nothing to worry about. Tried to talk about our weekend plans but he wasn’t into it yet.

4. Went back to playing SC2. I had some great games, and some not-so-great ones. I shall go off to sleep now since Butler is expecting me to meet him in the afternoon but I still have to make salad for the family before I leave and pack my stuff for our long weekend vacation. That means I need to be up by 10AM (ad nauseum) to do all that so I can leave around 4PM and hopefully get to him around six. I might not be able to blog until Monday since I wouldn’t have Internet access. Anyway, here’s hoping for a good, non-stressful, and conflict-less weekend ahead of me…


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