Day 6 to Thirty: Discounted

1. Woke up when alarm rang at 1PM. Thought to myself, “Damn nice weather. Don’t wanna get up yet. Don’t feel like going to Makati alone anyway. I’ll just meet my Butler in the evening at his place.” Fell asleep again. Woke again an hour later still feeling comfy under the blankey. Got my phone and tried to finish the possibly last stage of Super Jewel Quest. Worst game I ever played that I think I will finish.

2. Got up at 3PM-ish, brought down the newly ironed laundry and made myself a bowl of coffee. Went online to set my FB games up before I prepare to leave. Butler came online after a few minutes.

3. Lost electricity, again. (Damn, my hard disk is surely gonna get fried one of these days if this keeps up.) Took a bath. Heavy rain started pouring. Lights came back on so turned PC on again to download the Glee songs into my phone for the benefit of Butler. (I only downloaded and converted them just for him anyway since he’s been dying to get his hands on them.) Left the house in a hurry around 6PM. Called Papa to ask if I can borrow the Jeep but he said he’ll be home at about 7PM still. I thought that’d be too late since Butler might be waiting for me at the Starbucks already.

4. Midway, Butler called and said he hasn’t left Makati yet (which sucked coz I was all worried about nuthin’, and I should have taken the Jeep instead, and I could have avoided running into the heavy rain having to an umbrella with me that has seen better days… and I hate bringing umbrellas because I have lost 85% of all umbrellas I have carried with me throughout these years). Aaanyway, I just bit my tongue since he waits for me all the time anyway. I just got slightly pissed that he hasn’t left yet YET didn’t text me that info. He tried to blame it on him not being much of a texter, but of course that doesn’t count since he used to text me important info like that. He was sorry and I’m all okay now.

5. I proceeded to do grocery alone which was supposed to be our activity together. I like looking at the goods being sold and reading their labels. It’s also a small game to find the cheapest deal with still good quality. It’s something he and I shared before. It was he who taught me how to do the groceries, anyway. Taught me how to turn my shopping cart into my own stroller too. Before then, I didn’t know how to push a cart to save my life. He used to praise me on how well I was getting at shopping (but of course that was so I would grow into liking it). Just found Butler to be the opposite. Then again, Butler doesn’t cook also, nor is he a cold, manipulative SOB.

6. Butler arrived around 8:30PM. Helped me finish shopping. Everything was quite a pain in the pocket but they, especially the shampoo, would last me a long time. Mostly got aids for cooking like the barbecue marinade which Mama and I were talking about for making some shrimps, mustard and honey for when I make vinaigrette, canned goods for salad and the lengua Mama will be making soon, and some feminine products good for about three months. I sooo wanted to get chili oil, grated Parmesan cheese, and goat cheese but getting just those three items would almost double the cost of my bill. When I get a job, I’ll remember to treat myself to those… together with and a trip to HongKong, Vietnam, or Burma which I’m secretly dying to take this month. My only apprehension is travelling on my own. It’s one of the things I initially planned to do during my hiatus from work, anyway.

7. Bought dinner at KFC then went to his place to watch re-runs of Glee. Felt a bit sad that I wasn’t able to elicit any reaction when I first made him hear the Glee songs on my phone. Thought he’d be happy. He said he was tired from the traffic. I just let it go. I was surprised, however, when he commented on one of the songs of Lou Pardini and said he loved it. That was the last thing I expected and it made me happy. I love Lou because he’s this almost-obscure artist who only has a two-sentence description in Wikipedia (and no, he doesn’t even have his own website), yet he makes wonderful arrangements and songs. What Might Have Been is my ultimate fave of all his work.

8. Got home at 1AM (thus this late post). I was greeted excitedly by a flying roach that kissed my on my cheek when I got to the gate. I seriously spasmed in fear and disgust. Had to soap and scrub my face well then rinse with rubbing alcohol when I got in.

9. Butler gave me his nightly ‘good night call’ right after getting home. Didn’t talk for long since he was drifting already. As for me, I will sleep in about 45mins. Will just finish checking my FB account then off to bed I go.

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