Day 5 to Thirty: Clear Skies Amidst the Storm

1. Woke up early as planned. Good thing I got an early head-start to my day. Feeling pretty good about it. Now done with my daily rounds of the remaining FB games I’m playing. (Yes, I have finally cut them down to just four, and will eventually go down to three or two if I get busier.) Will be going to search for professional help today if I really want to move forward.

2. Converted all songs of Glee Season 2 Episodes 2-5 (yes, the Rocky Horror episode that isn’t out yet) from YouTube and turned them into MP3 format then downloaded them so the Butler can finally listen to the really nice songs. I wonder though why the torrents of these MP3’s aren’t out yet. Maybe I’ll be the first to seed and I’ll get some traffic from my contribution to Demonoid. 😉

3. My Butler called and brought up the topic I have been desperate to talk about. I was very grateful he did so in such a loving manner that I would pretend I did not hear him say “even if you know I think differently, what you think is what’s important.” I sent him some links to resources so he can go through them too.

4. Spent a considerable amount of time obsessing on organizing my Glee songs. Not good. Here I go again. Putting too much energy into one thing, run out of gas, then will leave it unfinished. I’ve been at it for the greater part of the day… and still at it.

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